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Nana's Choice Goat's Milk Hand and Body Lotion, manufactured and bottled in Corbett, Oregon, is made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.  Our products are manufactured with strict care in cleanliness, purity and high quality ingredients.  The lotions are ideal for all skin types and relieves dryness and cracking with no greasy, slippery feeling.  It is perfect for quilters and office workers because it leaves no residue!
The Lotion ingredients are water, soybean oil, goat's milk, shea butter, emulsifying wzx (cetearyl alcohol ploysorbate 60-vegetable based), preservative of propylene glycol and diazolidinyl urea and lodopropynyl butylcarbamate that is paraben free, vitamin E, and perhaps fragrance.  The almond and lavender fragrances also may contain varying essential oils, absolutes and honey.
Soaps contain soybean and palm oil, coconut oil and goat milk.  Varying with the fragrance, they may contain water, herbs, essential oils, botanicals, cottonseed oil, honey, sea salt and mineral colorant in addition to the primary scent.
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